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After a big send-off by some of the First Team players at Old Trafford, the UNITED. DELIVERED. Global Football Tour made its first stop in Cape Town, South Africa. By all accounts it was an epic day.

Hosting events is nothing new for the Cape Town Manchester United Supporters Club. Whenever they can, the club jumps at the chance to get involved and help celebrate their favorite football team. 

“We thrive on being fully behind any of our great Club’s initiatives,” said club member and local UNITED. DELIVERED. match host, Jason Wells. “This is one more amazing initiative.”

We thrive on being fully behind any of our great Club’s initiatives.

Jason Wells, UNITED.DELIVERED. match host

It’s true, Cape Town’s official supporters club of Manchester United has hosted United legends and joined campaigns on many occasions over the years. They not only feed off the excitement of meeting their heroes in person and the comradery of uniting with other fans to celebrate their beloved Reds, they also use the events to recruit new members.

“This would also be a great marketing tool to get further members registered for the new season,” said Wells.

His club’s passion and dedication is inspiring, and it’s one of the reasons his entry was selected.

“An epic day!”

The day came on August 26, when DHL delivered the UNITED. DELIVERED. Ball and match equipment to the rooftop of the Grand Central Shopping Center in Cape Town – a “Fives Futbol” facility with breathtaking views of the city’s famous landmark, Table Mountain. The venue provided a spectacular setting for the first stop on the UNITED. DELIVERED. Global Football Tour.

“What an epic day we had!!!” said Wells. “The age range was massive – our youngest player was only 8 years old and our oldest 48.”

Wells organized a 5-a-side match. After unpacking and donning their kits, Team Yellow and Team Red played two fun-filled and action-packed 40-minute halves, with Team Yellow coming out on top 19-11. But don’t take our word for it, watch the video and see for yourself. (Love the body cam, by the way! Something for the Premier League?)

This is a dream for myself and many of the player who joined us today for the match.

Jason Wells

It’s clear to see why Wells was so excited. Picture-perfect weather in a picture-perfect setting. Epic certainly comes to mind.

A trip of a lifetime

Wells and his crew now have a chance to win another epic moment: a trip of a lifetime to Old Trafford. 

Visiting Old Trafford would mean “everything” he says. “This is a dream for myself and many of the players who joined us today for the match.”

The UNITED. DELIVERED. matches will be held throughout the 2017/18 season. You can follow the Tour, check out pictures from each of the local matches, and lend your support to the red or yellow sides at each stop by visiting the UNITED. DELIVERED. page on InMotion, or following @DHLManUtd and #DHLUnitedDelivered on Twitter.

Register here to win the chance to host a match with the official UNITED. DELIVERED. football.


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