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UNITED. DELIVERED.: Promoting the passion in Belgrade

The UNITED. DELIVERED. Global Football Tour is uniting Manchester United fans from around the world like never before. Our match host in Serbia wanted his community to come together and feel the passion too. He did much more than that.

When Nemanja Lukic submitted his entry to host a UNITED. DELIVERED. match in his home country of Serbia, he initially hoped to use the opportunity to show off why his favorite club was the best.

“Some of my best friends are supporters of our rival clubs,” he said. “I want to show them the dominance of Manchester United.”

But once he was selected to be a match host, Namanja realized he had a much more important role to play.

“I try to be an ambassador of football for Manchester United,” he said. “Hopefully I can bring a lot of people together to enjoy this beautiful game.”

Hopefully I can bring a lot of people together to enjoy this beautiful game.

Namanja Lukic, UNITED.DELIVERED. match host

The ambassador
Namanja was an international ambassador of football in more ways than one. Not only did his get his best buddies to play a friendly game of football in support of his beloved Red Devils, he also attracted others to come together in the spirit of sports and community.

“I tried to promote passion for Manchester United and football in Serbia, but first of all to promote tolerance and respect among people,” he said. “My home town is a multi-ethnical city, and we united all people with good hearts and a love of sports to make an impact on our society.”

A wide variety of people came out for the event. Namanja was more than pleased. 

“We succeeded!” he declared with a big smile.

His impact was felt far from the playing field as well. That’s because Namanja wanted to “spread the love” – as he called it – to as many people as possible.

“I donated the equipment to a foster home for children with special needs – and in February we’ll play an exhibition match with the children there. We also raised a few euros to help a friend in the community who has to have an operation.”

Hopefully we can spread the love and inspiration for football to the whole world.

Namanja Lukic

The dreamer
On match day, Nemanja was excited – he felt like he was in a dream.

“I still can’t believe this is happening,” he said.

Everything had come together. Nemanja had gathered the support of his friends and fellow football fans, and even convinced a photographer and a filmmaker to come and capture the moment.

“It was a great match, we had a lot of fun, everyone was so excited.”

But his thoughts were also travelling beyond the UNITED. DELIVERED. match that day. The former semi-pro goalkeeper was also imagining himself at Old Trafford – the Theatre of Dreams.

“One of my dreams is to watch a Manchester United game at Old Trafford – it would be a check on my bucket list. I want to feel the atmosphere. Football is my passion.”

Now that he’s hosted a UNITED. DELIVERED. match, he has that chance.

But even if he doesn’t win the trip of a lifetime, Nemanja says he’s honored to be a part of promoting the passion for Manchester United around the globe.

“Hopefully we can spread the love and inspiration for football to the whole world.”

The ball
The UNITED. DELIVERED. Global Football Tour continues, with matches being held around the world throughout the 2017/18 season. Follow the tour on Twitter @DHLManUtd and #DHLUnitedDelivered or by visiting the UNITED. DELIVERED. page right here on DHL InMotion

And there’s still time to enter and win the chance to host a match with the official UNITED. DELIVERED. football. Go here to register 

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