DHL Oktoberfest 7s to mark Germany’s biggest rugby show ever

Key Takeaways

  • Twelve of the best national teams in sevens
  • Six of the world’s top ten teams, including all three medal-winning sides from Rio 2016
  • Two days of nonstop action amidst an awesome Oktoberfest atmosphere
  • All backed by the world’s leading logistics company

Rugby Sevens is heading to Germany, delivered by DHL! It’s going to be the biggest rugby show the country has ever seen.

Rugby Sevens is heading to Germany and it’s going to be the biggest rugby show the country has ever seen. On September 29-30, 2017, twelve of the best national teams in sevens, including Fiji, South Africa, England, France and Australia, will compete over two days with 36 matches of nonstop action at Munich’s historic Olympic Stadium. Fans are in for a real treat as they watch six of the world’s top ten teams – including all three medal-winning sides from Rio 2016 – battle alongside the biggest beer festival in the world. The one-of-a-kind Oktoberfest atmosphere is sure to spill into the stadium, as millions of visitors from around the world storm the Bavarian capital.

DHL was named title sponsor of this inaugural event, and we’re proud to add it to our growing list of rugby partnerships around the world. The game of rugby shares many of our core values, such as teamwork, passion and a will to win. It’s a sport we’re proud to get behind and to deliver to new and long-time fans across the globe. And we hope to continue to help nurture interest in, and love for, the sport among fresh enthusiasts and potential stars of the future.

The friendly, international and carnival-like atmosphere of rugby sevens fits Oktoberfest to a T.

The time and location of the Oktoberfest 7s couldn’t be better to achieve this goal. The friendly, international and carnival-like atmosphere of rugby sevens fits Oktoberfest to a T. More than six million people visit the festivities annually, which officially begin on September 16, packing into 14 massive beer tents that can accommodate a staggering 12,000 visitors at a time. We’re pretty sure a lot of Oktoberfest 7s ticket holders will take the short 15-minute subway ride from Olympic Stadium to the Oktoberfest grounds to sip a stein and enjoy this unique German experience.

Rugby and Germany go way back
Rugby boasts a long tradition in Germany, where the sport has been played since the 1870s. Yet it has remained a niche sport across most of the country. Changing just that is the main objective of the tournament organizers, and we’re on board to help them reach it as partners of both this event and the German Rugby Union.

Rugby sevens debut at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games and demonstrated that the fast-paced sevens format has a huge potential in Germany. The German media heaped praise on the event, with the weekly paper “Die Zeit” writing: “It was quick, entertaining and hard – whoever likes sport will love rugby sevens.” And even though the German team narrowly missed out on qualification for Rio, massive TV audiences tuned in to watch despite the late-night kick-off times. 

It’ll be big
Now, for the first time ever, German sports fans will get the opportunity to see the world’s best rugby sevens teams right in their own backyard. All three medal winning teams from Rio will be on hand – six of the world 10 best teams – going head to head at Munich’s iconic Olympic stadium – site of the 1972 Olympics. And with the Germans still in the qualifying hunt for Rugby Sevens World Cup 2018, the home fans will be eager to see how their team matches up.

They’re selling fast! Get your tickets now!

“To have the opportunity to welcome the world’s best sevens teams in Germany, this is a unique opportunity for rugby in Germany to present itself on a huge stage,” says Klaus Blank, President of the German Rugby Union.

“The tournament’s roster is incredibly strong and will provide our side with a strong indicator of where we stand with regards to the sport’s best teams,” adds Manuel Wilhelm, the German union’s sporting director.

One thing’s for sure, DHL Oktoberfest 7s will be a rare opportunity for the German sevens team to take on the world’s best teams in front of their home fans – a chance to compete against some of the biggest names in sevens. 

It’s going to be big and there’s going to be beer. What more could you ask for?

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