The MotoGP world tour 2017

Key Takeaways

  • MotoGP is relying on DHL’s 30+ years’ experience in motorsports logistics
  • MotoGP equipment will travel twice around the globe
  • DHL will ship some 350 tons of MotoGP freight from circuit to circuit

86 motorcycles, 18 race tracks, 14 countries, 9 months and 4 continents – MotoGP is set for another mammoth world tour in 2017. From March 23 to November 12, the world’s best riders will compete in three classes on some of the planet’s most prestigious race tracks.

The 2017 MotoGP World Championship not only presents a major challenge for man and machine, it is also a world-class logistical test. Covering some 90,000 km – or little more than twice around the equator – MotoGP equipment will literally travel twice around the globe.

The teams and riders will make the longest single trip right at the start. A whopping 13,700 kilometers separates the season opener in Doha and round two in Argentina.


Taking to the skies

As the Official Logistics Partner, DHL will ship some 350 tons of MotoGP freight from circuit to circuit by sea, land and air. Ranging from the largest single item, the BMW M2 safety car, to a whole panoply of fragile TV broadcasting equipment and the race bikes themselves, four 747 cargo aircraft will be chock-full once the 150 containers are loaded.

Obviously the motorbikes will be getting kid-glove treatment. The machines used in MotoGP and its two companion series, Moto2 and Moto3, are thoroughbred prototypes, so every tiny part requires the utmost care. MotoGP is relying on DHL’s 30+ years’ experience in motorsports logistics.


The back-to-back “race behind the race”

Perhaps the greatest challenge is the speed and efficiency needed to deliver back-to-back races on consecutive weekends. And there will be five of them during the 2017 season. It’s truly a race against time as our logistics crews only have about 36 hours to get everything to the next paddock after the teams and race organizers pack up their garages, broadcast facilities and hospitality centers on Sunday after the race. Everything must be set up and ready to go at the next race track by the following Thursday at the latest.

The first stage of MotoGP’s world tour has already been successfully completed. The containers are in Doha for the first practice runs for season opener on March 26. But while excitement is building for the Grand Prix of Qatar, we already have our sights set on Austin and the other 16 stages ahead of us. It’s going to be a wild ride!

MotoGP 2017 – new manufacturers, new riders, new rules

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