Manchester United


It’s no secret: with more than 659 million followers across the world, Manchester United is one of the most popular football clubs in the world. For those who live far from Manchester, a trip to Old Trafford would be the experience of a lifetime – one that DHL is helping deliver.

If there was one place where any Manchester United fan would feel instantly at home, it’s at Old Trafford – the club’s legendary stadium. Even fans watching on television from thousands of miles away can feel the charged atmosphere in the stadium at a Manchester United home match.

For those who can’t make a pilgrimage to one of football’s most sacred temples, DHL wants to help bring part of Manchester United to fans around the world with a global football competition: UNITED. DELIVERED.

Starting at Old Trafford with a group of players sending the dedicated UNITED. DELIVERED. match ball on a tour of the globe, DHL will take the ball to a series of matches hosted by Manchester United fans all over the world. All fans have to do to participate is register on InMotion with details about the match - competitive or friendly – they want to host in their area.

In addition to delivering the match ball around the world from Old Trafford, DHL will supply each match host with an UNITED. DELIVERED. legacy kit made up of match equipment including playing bibs (red and yellow), cones, goals, and more. Hosts can keep the equipment after the match too, so they can continue to feel a connection to Manchester United with every game they play for years to come.

All told, matches from all four corners of the Earth will take place using the same match ball throughout the season. At the end, one lucky match host will win the trip of a lifetime to Old Trafford with a team of five players to take part in a special, final match against a group of fans from Manchester.

“To be able to have our fans connect and share their love for the Club through playing football is great to see,” said Manchester United’s Group Managing Director, Richard Arnold. “The prize on offer of an exclusive trip to Old Trafford is something that fans throughout the world dream about and we are delighted to be able to make this happen with the support of DHL.”

The UNITED. DELIVERED. matches will be held throughout the 2017/18 season. You can track the current location of the dedicated match ball, check out pictures from each of the local matches, and lend your support to the red or yellow sides at each stop by visiting the UNITED. DELIVERED. page on InMotion, or following @DHLManUtd and #DHLUnitedDelivered on Twitter.

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