DHL IMPACT PLAYER: Four winners share the top spot

For the first time in its history, four players share the honor of the DHL Impact Player Award.

Four athletes stood out from the pack during the penultimate round of the Rugby Sevens Series in Twickenham, London. Demonstrating their strengths in all four categories: tackles, breaks, offloads and carries, each player achieved 46 points overall.

Russia’s Vladamir Ostroushko led the charge with 24 carries, while Welsh star Owen Jenkins made a staggering 27 tackles. Kenya’s Billy Odhiambo made the most breaks of the four with nine in total, while USA playmaker Martin Losefo made the most offloads with 12.

Despite a tireless effort in defence, Jenkins’ multiple tackles still couldn’t keep the Kenyans out.

Odhiambo proved to be the biggest threat all weekend as he led Kenya’s win in the Trophy Final against Wales with a score of 33-19. Despite a tireless effort in defence, Jenkins’ multiple tackles still couldn’t keep the Kenyans out.

The USA team struggled without their star flyer Perry Baker. And while Losefo was on constant lookout for offloads to put Carlin Isles and Danny Barrett into space, his efforts proved to be a losing battle despite promising signs at the start.

Russia was able to carry off a win against Samoa in the pool stages with 29-17, but Wales proved too much for the Russians in the Challenge Trophy Finals.

Fiji wins its fourth Sevens gold in a row

Fijian fans were out in force at Twickenham and weren’t disappointed as their team stormed towards its fourth HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series Gold in succession after wins in Vancouver, Hong Kong, Singapore - and now London.

Ireland produced the shock of the weekend with their first ever Cup Quarter Final.

After a 3-3 win in the pool stages, including a 27-7 win over New Zealand, the Fijians enjoyed comfortable wins over Canada (40-7) and Ireland (38-12) on their way to the final against South Africa. A 21-17 win capped a fantastic weekend for the team.

Ireland produced the shock of the weekend with their first ever Cup Quarter Final and they didn’t stop there! In their first trip to the knockout stages, they took a Quarter Final win against the USA 22-12. After losing to Fiji in the Semi Final 38-12, they faced hosts England in the Bronze medal playoff to seal third place with a memorable 21-19 win.

Justin Douglas leads the overall IPA

With only one round to go, how is the IPA table looking now? Canada’s Justin Douglas still leads the way after nine rounds with 354. His relentless work rate for Canada gives him a 6-point lead at the top. Australia’s Ben O’Donnell takes second place with 348 and he’s also the top carrier with 184 points. Fijian star Amenoni Nasilasila has been pivotal to his side’s success this year and takes a well-deserved third place with 330.

Fiji leads the overall series with one round remaining

With five gold medal wins this season, Fiji leads the overall series ranking with 167 points. South Africa is just seven points behind with 160 and New Zealand takes third place with 133. With only Paris left in the series, it’s all to play for between South Africa and Fiji!

The Rugby Sevens Series culminates in Paris on June 8-10. Follow @DHLRugby - the Official Logistics Partner of @World Rugby7s – on Facebook and Twitter to stay tuned as the battle for the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series and the DHL Impact Player Award are decided.

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