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UNITED. DELIVERED.: Adding Value in Nepal

The UNITED. DELIVERED. Global Football Tour is uniting Manchester United fans across the globe like never before. Our match host in Nepal was really excited to play with a ball that has been travelling around the world.

Shashank Shree Neupane has been a Manchester United fan for years, but it wasn’t until last year that he and some friends formed an official fan club in Nepal. Now he enjoys bringing United supporters together – and winning over new fans.

“We’ve been doing match screenings of several games, and we held several social activities,” he says.

The value
Shashank wanted to host a UNITED. DELIVERED. match in order to raise the profile of both his fan club and his beloved Red Devils. 

“[It’s] a way of showing how Manchester United values us,” he says.

“Hosting a UNITED. DELIVEREDmatch is a way of showing how Manchester United values us.”

Shashank Shree Neupane

He thought a friendly match among United supporters would attract attention, and it did. Just about the entire official Manchester United Supporters Club in Nepal turned out, and a local TV station even broadcasted the game.

“Being a Manchester United fan, it’s really very interesting and we are very proud that we are getting the chance to get to play with the ball,” said Shashank.

“We are very proud that we are getting the chance to get to play with the ball.”

Shashank Shree Neupane

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The family
Like many of his fellow UNITED. DELIVERED. match hosts, Shashank dreams of visiting the Theatre of Dreams. It’s on his bucket list.

“It is a place to at least visit before I die,” he says. 

But even though Old Trafford is nowhere near Kathmandu, Shashank doesn’t feel the distance. That’s because despite living thousands of miles away, he truly feels part of the Manchester United family. 

“I have never felt United is a club that is in England,” he says. “It’s a club that I am a member of, and it is right here with me, in my playground.”

The ball
Though registration has closed, the UNITED. DELIVERED. Global Football Tour continues. Visit the UNITED. DELIVERED. page right here on DHL InMotion to watch highlight videos and check out an interactive map with all the match locations. 

Keep following the tour on Twitter @DHLManUtd and #DHLUnitedDelivered. 

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