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Share your green tip and win a trip to a 2018/19 ABB FIA Formula E race!

DHL aims to be the market leader in sustainable logistics, implementing and expanding upon a portfolio of environmentally-friendly services and solutions to help customers achieve their own climate protection targets. At Deutsche Post DHL Group, we have set ourselves an ambitious goal of zero emissions by the year 2050. From operating a fully electric fleet of vehicles in megacities such as New York, to offering multi-modal logistics solutions encompassing the most environmentally friendly options for Formula E, DHL are dedicated to achieving this goal.

As we strive to meet our ambitious 2050 target, we want to know what you’re doing to contribute to keeping our planet liveable for generations to come!

Tell us about your green tips that minimise your environmental footprint and you could win a unique behind-the-scenes experience at the electric city street racing spectacle Formula E – delivered by DHL.


Combining the dash and panache of motorsports with ground-breaking green credentials, the ABB FIA Formula E Championship is the world’s first fully electric car-racing series. Launched in 2014, this riveting race series sees drivers compete in innovative, single-seater, open-wheel cars which are exclusively battery-powered. As a Founding Partner and Official Logistics Partner, DHL instinctively understood Formula E’s vision from the start. Both Formula E and DHL are committed to driving progress in sustainability and e-mobility and both share a pioneering spirit - something deeply ingrained in DHL’s DNA.

DHL and Formula E™

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To enter follow these simple steps:

  1. Upload a video or image of your Green Life tip
  2. Write a description about how your Green Life tip benefits the environment
  3. Submit your entry for a chance to win

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The Green Wall



I don't use plastic bags whenever I do my groceries. I use my bag known as bayong, it is made from buri palm leaves. It...


Volunteer to green activities like tree planting, recycling and ways to go green. Its all about education and awareness that...


In my mini-market, which is located in the city of Lauro de Freitas in the state of Bahia in Brazil, all recycled material...


My Green Tip is to use your local Cycle Hire Scheme: with hundreds of locations around London as well as other global cities,...


Lasciare l'auto in garage e utilizzare di più la bicicletta per i miei spostamenti per ridurre lo smog in città


To raise the awareness about safer, cleaner and more economical driving, I do eco driving, it's base on anticipation. No...


Every city should do what Amsterdam & Barcelona did! Ban cars from (some) streets and give them back to people who live...


We know that plastic is a huge problem worldwide. Just look around and notice that plastic is used everywhere. We have in...


My bike is my main means of transport. I cycle in all weather, wind, rain and snow because the Netherlands is a very bike...


I use the bike for a healthy life.


I use bicycle in my everyday life to move around the city. In the weekends my friends and I organise bicycle tours. We visit...


it's a very simple thing. we move everyday. we travel. the vehicles we travel in, their roofs get a lot of sunlight. would...

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